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TITAN MEDIA a products brand name of TITAN BIOTECH LTD. (An ISO 9001:2008; cGMP Certified Company) is serving the scientific community for more than a decade to meet their needs and has always endeavor to provide high quality products and excellent level of services through the network of authorized dealers in India and abroad. Biotechnology is thriving in India - as a science and as an Industry. One of the fastest - rising knowledge based sectors in the country.

Biotechnology as well all know, is the field of combination of various fields such as genetics, molecular biology, environmental biology, biochemistry, zoology, medical, environmental, general, agriculture, fermentation, marine biotechnology etc. The worldwide demand for biotech products is the only indication; the speed of its advance is the only set to accelerate. Today, with cutting edge, cost effective R & D for biotechnology, a deep knowledge base and extensive skill- sets in biotechnology is playing a vital role in shaping India’s booming economy and helping the country emerge as key global player.

The R&D of Titan is a committed endeavour & spans several disciplines including organic chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology. Continuous development of new products and exports to 35 countries all over the world in a short span of time is an exceptional achievement of the organization. The Company has developed more than 1500 Dehydrated Culture Media including Chromogenic/ Fluorogenic and a range of Vegetable Culture Media to serve microbiology in various fields.

State of the art manufacturing facilities, quality standard, impeccable technical mastery and latest technology are customer centric. The R&D of Titan wing is well equipped with new generation equipments ranging from Spectrophotometer, HPLC to Amino - Acid Analyzer etc. Titan Media offers a wide range of Dehydrated Culture Media/Veg. Dehydrated Culture Media (ISO 13485:2003; CE Certificate), Media Supplements, Harmonized Media (as per USP 31), Sterile Media, Plant Tissue Culture Media, Media Bases/ Veg. Media Bases, Media Ingredients, Biological Bases such as Peptones/Veg. Peptones, Extracts/ Veg. Extracts and Agaroses.

Titan offers a wide range of Laboratory Chemicals, Reagents (EP & AR grades), Stains & Indicators, and Readymade Staining Kits. TITAN MEDIA is a largest manufacturer of Lactalbumin Hydrolysate, Casein Enzymatic Hydrolysate, Soya Peptone, Liver Extract, Yeast Extract, Bile Extract, Malt Extract, Bile Salts etc. For overseas customers, we have adopted the certification. We provide TSE/BSE free culture media and bases. (Certificates can be issued on demand).

Quality Policy
"Titan Media is committed to provide quality Dehydrated Culture Media and Chemicals at competitive cost, fulfilling the customer's requirement by adhering to quality management systems and continual improvement of its effectiveness in order to achieve the goal of total customers satisfaction."
Our Vision

"To be the most reliable organization adheres to consistent development of products and people with them."

"We commit you a healthy relationship between quality, competitiveness and services"
"We believe in quality and relationship."

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