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Agricultural Products

Titan Media offers a wide range of agricultural products formulated with nutritional supplements which consists of essential amino acids, for the growth of plants or crops. In plants the flag leaf is the most important source of carbohydrate during wheat kernel filling. Around a 75% of all sugars stored in the kernel come from carbon fixed by this leaf. These agricultural products are ready to be incorporated into the soil through any irrigation system for all types of crops and at any stage of the growing season. These agricultural products are very helpful to crops of vegetables mainly after transplanting for citrus and fruit trees at the beginning of new sprouting. Our range of agricultural products includes following: Amino Acid Mixture (Ch) 50%, Aminofert, Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 20% (Casein), Protein Hydrolysate Liquid 20% (Soya), Seaweed Extract Powder (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Boron Amino Acid Chelate 12%, etc.

Culture Media used in various procedures of Agricultural Microbiology:
1. Culture Media for Actinomycetes
Code Titan Media
TM 1133 Actinomyces Agar
TM 1134 Actinomyces Broth
TM 007 Actinomycete Isolation Agar
TM 1318 Bennett’s Agar
TM 1508 Bennett’s Broth
TM 1347 Garrod Actinomyces Medium
TM 130 Glycerol Asparagine Agar Base
TM 129 Inorganic Salt Starch Agar
TM 126 ISP Medium No. 1
TM 128 ISP Medium No. 3
TM 1209 Kenknight & Munaier’s Medium
TM 132 Tyrosine Agar
TM 397 Yeast Malt Agar
2. Culture Media for Algae / Blue Green Algae
Code Titan Media
TM 647 Algae Culture Agar
TM 648 Algae Culture Broth
TM 637 Chu’s Medium No.10
3. Bacteriological Culture Media
Code Titan Media
TM 662 Ashby’s Glucose Agar
TM 663 Ashby’s Mannitol Agar
TM 599 Asparagine Nitrate Medium
TM 353 Azotobacter Agar (Dextrose)
TM 354 Azotobacter Agar (Mannitol)
TM 060 Cetrimide Agar Base
TM 422 Cetrimide Broth
TM 067 Citrate Agar
TM 335 Glucose Peptone Agar
TM 586 Glucose Yeast Peptone Agar
TM 743 Inorganic salt Medium
TM 133 Iron Oxidizing Medium
TM 135 Jensen’s Medium
TM 134 Jensen Seeding Agar
TM 1623 Mn Agar
TM 1581 Norris Glucose Nitrogen Free Medium
TM 341 Nutrient Agar
TM 1308 Nutrient Agar pH6.8
TM 827 Photobacterium Broth
TM 543 Pikvskaya’s Agar
TM 363 Plate Count Agar
TM 266 Pseudomonas Agar F  (for fluorescein)
TM 267 Pseudomonas Agar P (for pyocyanin)
TM 626 Pseudomonas Agar Base
TM 577 Reinforced Clostridial Agar
TM 385 Rhizobium Medium
TM 1077 SPS Agar
TM 858 Soil Extract Agar
TM 593 Sulphate API Agar
TM 594 Sulphate API Broth
TM 1297 Sulphur Medium(Thiobacillus Thiooxidans)
TM 1302 Thiobacillus Agar
TM 1303 Thiobacillus Broth
TM 610 Yeast Lactose Agar
TM 399 Yeast Mannitol Agar w/1.5% Agar
TM 922 Yeast Mannitol Agar w/Congo Red
TM 566 Yeast Mannitol Broth
4. Mycological Culture Media
Code Titan Media
TM 971 Conn’s Agar
TM 075 Cooke Rose Bengal Agar Base
TM 076 Corn Meal Agar
TM 972 Corn Meal Peptone Yeast Agar
TM 367 Czapek Dox Agar
TM 368 Czapek Dox Broth
TM 708 Czapek Malt Agar
TM 586 Glucose Yeast Peptone Agar
TM 1243 Malt Extract Agar Base
TM 205 Malt Extract Broth Base
TM 344 Potato Dextrose Agar
TM 331 Potato Dextrose Broth
TM 264 Potato Malt Agar
TM 277 Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar
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